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Miniatures Showcase
2015-09-09 21:00:00

If you have been following the Battlespace Publishing Blog for the last few weeks you will know that I have been writing up a series of development reports detailing the mechanics and theories behind Battle Captains. So far we have covered command and orders as well as battlefield shaping. Coming soon will be a report on the doctrine deck, and the cards within it. Until then I have posted a number of pictures of some of the miniatures we are using to playtest Battle Captains. All the models displayed are from the wonderful folks at GHQ Models.

In this series of pictures you will find a number of WWII German armoured vehicles which I have conveniently not labeled. This is an easy set of models that nearly everyone should be able to identify, the next set won't be so easy. If you can identify these vehicles, pop over to our facebook page and brag about it!


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