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All prices are Canadian dollars, all transations are through PayPal, transations do not require you to have a PayPal account.

How This Works

You can sign up for a free Battlespace Publishing account at accounts.battlespacepublishing.ca, then you buy codes from this page via PayPal that are emailed to you. You enter those codes in your Battlespace Publishing account (or give them as gifts!) to unlock one or more games for a time.

Purchase Information

All purchases for our software are processed through paypal and do not require a paypal account. If you have any issues with payment processing email us at:


30 Days:

365 Days:

All Games - 25% Discount!

$3.00 CDN
$18.00 CDN


$2.00 CDN
$12.00 CDN

Battle Captains

$2.00 CDN
$12.00 CDN

What's New:

BP at Hotlead
Games Galore

New User Account System
Getting ready for multiple games!

Cold War Gone Hot
Battle Captains in the 80s

Star Wars Mega Game
A truly big game!

MetaMaker 1.0.5
Point costs re-balanced.