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Welcome to Battlespace Publishing!

We are a wargames development company that offers a slightly different product from most. While other developers create and market rule systems for sale to the community, Battlespace Publishing offers its rule systems for free. Any system we design will be offered and available to the public free of charge. You can download, utilise, and share any game we create entirely for free. We believe that this approach is the best way to reach and attract our customers.

The other crucial aspect of Battlespace Publishing is our inclusion of software into our games. Our games are designed from the ground up to include management software that eases a player’s experience. The games we produce are not designed to include this software during the game; our games are still of the traditional dice-rolling and figure-pushing form. However, we believe that the inclusion of modern technology into the pre and post-game environment can only enhance the gaming experience.

Utilisation of our software is the marketable aspect of our product. Gaining access to any of our programs requires a subscription of either a monthly or yearly term. Player’s will have the option of purchasing access to the specific software they wish to utilise or purchasing an all access account which guarantees them access to any software currently released and any software we ever produce.

Our Promise

At Battlespace Publishing we assure our customers that we will never charge for nor restrict access to any of our rule systems or any of their associated documents or expansions. A visitor to our site is under no obligation to purchase an account, may download and utilise any rule systems we provide, may print those documents at will, and is free to share and distribute these systems as they see fit. The only restriction we place on the distribution of our systems is that we be credited for their design and manufacture; Battlespace Publishing still owns the copywrites.

We assure our customers that with the purchase of an account through BattlespacePublishing.ca they will gain access to the software they register for in a timely manner. The purchase of software access will include any and all updates to said software for free. Should a player purchase the all-access account they will have access to every piece of software we ever produce for as long as their subscription is maintained.