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Star Wars Mega Game
2015-11-21 12:00:00

Good day to everyone out there who likes to push little models of spaceships around. A few weeks ago the crew and I decided to throw caution to the wind and play a rather large Star Wars game. This game involved nearly every miniature I had painted up to that point. In fact, I did not have nearly enough starfighter models to accomodate the numbers necessary. In lieu we used dice for the flights and a model for the squadron. You will notice that there are different colored dice for some of the starfighters, this represents what they are loaded with: white=no ordinance, blue=proton torpedoes, red=concussion missiles, and black=heavy rockets.

The scenario was based around an Imperial space station luring the Rebels into a trap, because its always a Trap!

Both sides would see randomized squadrons entering the table each turn, here the initial forces jockey.

A group of corvettes and a Neutron Star Heavy Cruiser advance up the left flank.

The Rebel center was held by a dreadnought and an assault cruiser.

The Imperial center was held by a Procursator Star Destroyer, thankfully a trio of clone wars era Resucants provided some much needed relief.

The Rebel and Imperial centers duke it out while a group of A-Wings and Starchasers hold off a Tie Fighter Wing.

The Dreadnought has broken through and begins its run towards the Interdictor at the Imperial rear.

The lynchpin to the scenario was the Imperial Interdictor, escorted by a Victory Star Destroyer and two frigates.

The trio of Rescusants advance in support of the dreadnought.

Much too late for the Rebel's liking, an MC80 arrives with its massive fighter compliment on the right flank.

The Imperial center has hurredly turned inwards before the dreadnought can destroy the interdictor.

Concussion missiles, turbolasers, and flak cannons pound the dreadnought in what appears to be a space borne re-enactment of the charge of the light brigade.

Opposite the Mon Cal an Imperial Acclamator arrives disgorging assault shuttles.

The Mon Cal attempts to close the distance to assist the troubled dreadnought.

The table at the end including the Rebel's last reinforcements centered around a Munificent Heavy Cruiser.

At game's close the Rebel player handed victory to the Imperials. The Dreadnought was a floating wreck, the Interdictor's shields were still up and the MC80 was looking at facing three star destroyers and an Acclamator in the next few turns. We whole heartedly agreed that while fun this game was perhaps too big to handle without scaling down the ships and fighters. Next post will give an update on the development of Battle Captains.

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